Moltabarra was born from the passion for traveling of two traveling friends who were excited to create a place where travelers who arrived on the island, or from the island, could share their experiences with other travelers or with locals passionate about seeing the world, a place where they could program their new journeys.

Much more than a tapas bar

We had no experience in restoration: at the opening, the clients taught us how to put the canes. Surely that lack of experience helped us to create a bar different from the others, where we could celebrate unusual events, from exhibitions to theater, live art, charity parties, film festivals, video games …

We created it with the few means we had, recycling furniture and objects that were resurrected in Moltabarra and gave life to the place, and where people feel at ease and return. We became a benchmark in pinchos and tapas, we created the most popular tapas route in Mallorca,

La Ruta Martiana, on Tuesday, our weakest day when opening the bar, and for almost 10 years the busiest day of the week. We were also pioneers in being the only Mexican restaurant only on Wednesdays, with the now famous Mexicoles. We expand the gastronomic offer on Thursdays with Broken Eggs, and we add various events on weekends.